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www.aol.com official site

AOL email is a web-based service provider by AOL. AOL is one of the oldest email servers in the globe and its services are entrusted by a large number of people. Despite the number of users and highly dependent mail services. It provides immense features to handle your mail account, virus protection, spell checking, spam protection. You can customize panel size in AOL mail. If the professional wants to trust in the mail then it is the AOL mail platform that is trusted.

There are many other features which are highly enjoyable by the users. www.aol.com official site is a mail stage that lets you beautifully form your messages. It can help change both plain content and rich-text positions. This encourages users to make extravagant email messages that have fascinating arranging. For simple arranging, AOL supports the AOL toolbar. users can arrange an email message with the AOL toolbar. In AOL, creating an email is simple as is designing it. At the point when you begin making mail naturally, a toolbar will consequently be shown at the base. This incorporates different settings that you can apply to your instant message.

Some of www.aol.com official site | AOL official website features are:

File attachment: with the help of this option you can easily add a digital file in the video, audio, and whatever the format you like. Then you can send it on mail. Insert a picture: as you know that sending pictures in an email is easy by the option of attaching files. But with an AOL account, you can just copy-paste the picture and send it to the other mail.

Font type: the user can change the font type of writing. As it looks nice people use to change the font style and AOL official website has 9 different font styles like Arial, Comic Sans, Courier, Georgia, Impact, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana, and WingDings.

Font size: it depends on the user's choice whether they want to change the font size or not. In an AOL mails, they can easily change the font size.

www.aol.com official website organization: It is obvious that while creating any mail account you get various other messages associated with it. So AOL gives you the ultimate chance to create your folder to manages your files and the rest of the files or emails will not be able to disturb you.

AOL signature: AOL helps you to create your digital signature. This lets you add your name, text, image, etc to form a signature of your own. This will be a good feature to be enjoyed by the users.

Provides the Ultimate Spam Protection: www.aol.com/official website has a powerful and productive spam insurance programming where the AOL mail shows all the destructive or undesired mail should be deleted from the inbox. It stores all the spam sends in an alternate tab named as spam sends.

AOL has some other important thing and that is AOL Desktop Gold. It includes various other features which are as follows:

Some of the issues which came in your way while using Aol mail:

There are many ways by which you can contact the AOL customer services. Some of the ways are as below:

Toll-free services: the user can contact the AOl services through their toll-free numbers which are easily available on their official website. You can connect with them and know about issues regarding AOL mails and you surely get to know some troubleshooting steps to know that.

Live chats: basically in this, there is an executive who is 24*7 available at your service if you have any questions regarding AOl then you can chat with them on the official website. When you open the website there is a pop-up chat head open where you can discuss your issue.

FAQ: there is already a limited question listed in this section on the website. You can list your issues and get to know more about the troubleshooting to solve that.

We wish that through this article user get to know more about the AOL mail services and the very known features which are highly enjoyable. If in between the procedure of sign up and reconnecting with AOL mails, the users somehow got stuck then they can opt the option to contact AOL customer services which helps you 24*7.